At Sparky Solar, we have a solar system to suit all budgets and needs. But the benefits of choosing Sparky Solar does not stop there.

We offer a guaranteed,
10-year Installation warranty.

Full visibility of your production and consumption via
Smart Monitor

All Equipment is purchased through our Brisbane wholesalers and installed by local CEC Electricians

Finance assistance available through Community First or Zip.



Full Visibility.


Our Solar Systems


6.6KW System

  • Goodwe 5kw Inverter WiFi

  • Sunpower/Seraphim/Luxen Panels

  • Fully Monitored and maintained *T&Cs Apply




6.6KW System

  • Fronius 5kw Inverter WiFi

  • Sunpower/Seraphim/Luxen Panels

  • Fully Monitored and maintained *T&Cs Apply




13.3 KW System

  • SMA German 10kw Inverter

  • Sunpower/Seraphim/Luxen Panels Fully Monitored and maintained *T&Cs Apply




Solar Smart Energy Monitor Installation

Sparky Solar provides Energy Monitor installation services for homes and businesses.


This is a third party 4G enabled device installed in your switchboard or meter box that provides real-time remote monitoring of home energy use and solar production through an intuitive smartphone app or computer portal. 

With up to 51.8% of solar panels not performing at any point in time, you need to know exactly when there is an issue. The Solar Smart Monitor is the only way that you can get live data for your solar energy system - the Dashboard data is updated every five seconds and displayed in real time.

Any faults, failures or underperformance are detected and diagnosed almost instantly! You can save hundreds of dollars by catching issues as soon as they crop up - no more waiting for your bill to arrive to realise there is a problem. 

Using the Dashboard, you can tell when it's the most efficient time of the day to turn on your most energy-hungry appliances. Run the pool pump, turn off the hot water, and set your appliances to run at the optimal time every day to slash your energy bills even further

On top of fault notifications, you can finally get the most up-to-date information on your solar energy system, anytime, anywhere. See your energy consumption as it happens and catch huge spikes. You can also see the impact of weather, shading, faults, and breakages on your solar performance, so you can improve your system's efficiency.

Great solar systems without the nonsense.

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Sparky Solar Protection Plan

per month
A solar protection plan is designed to help you manage the cost of unexpected solar repairs and save you money from lost production.


Why do I need a protection plan if my system is still under warranty?


Protection plans are not the same as warranties. Warranties cover manufacturer or workmanship problems. The Solar protection plan offers a layer of security beyond your solar warranty, addressing the performance of the system that can degrade due to normal wear and tear, thereby costing you lost production and lost revenue.


An unmonitored solar energy system will produce less energy than a system that is remotely monitored. In my years of installing and servicing solar systems I have found most people check their system weekly for the first month or two then the novelty wears off and they only look at it once in a while after that.

If your solar system goes offline due to a power surge or tripped circuit breaker, you would seldom know? There is no way the inverter can alert you. You only discover the failure when your next electricity bill arrives, you may already have incurred hundreds of dollars in electricity costs that you could have produced for free! or Your warranty period may have  expired before you realise you have a problem. The cost of this could be in the thousands !

I personally have been in this situation and lost hundreds of dollars due to an intermittent fault with my inverter. (Samil 5200TL-D)

Unbeknown to me the inverter was tripping on and off throughout the day and production was down by over 50%.

It was only when I got consecutive power bills that were $200 more than my usual $50 - $70 bill that my wife told me to sort it out.

I went down to the inverter, all looked fine. No error reports in the log. Production was down over 50% for that day. I blamed dirty panels due to pigeons messing on them. So I got up on the roof and cleaned panels. Next day same thing.

This time when I was at the inverter, it turned off and on again for no reason whilst I was there looking at it.

It was faulty and I never knew. I thought if this can happen to me it must be happening to thousands of other unsuspecting people, costing them hundreds of dollars per year.

I looked for a solution and found one. A third party monitoring device that sends alert’s if the system is not performing to expectations.

We now install this device on ALL our systems


Get peace of mind (and cheap insurance) with Sparky Solar Protection Plan. For less than $0.50c per day or $14.95/month


We will monitor your system's output and alert you if the system is offline. If necessary we can send a  technician to troubleshoot and fix the problem, often the next business day. If your system is under warranty you can contact the installer for prompt repairs.


How the Solar Protection Plan works


Our Solar Protection Plans provide superior service and extensive customer benefits, including:

  • Monitoring to ensure your system is online using our Solar Smart Monitor ( *Installation additional costs may apply).

  • Improved operating efficiency to avoid downtime and lost revenue.

  • Priority scheduling – improved response times.

  • Discounted labour rates and call out fees

  • Monthly report showing production.

If your system is not performing as it should, the savings are gone forever.

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