About Us.

At Sparky Solar, our mission is to reduce the cost of energy for our clients.

Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, Sparky Solar is committed to helping our clients understand their unique energy challenges and ultimately delivering a customised solution to lower their electricity bills.

Since establishing Sparky Solar in 2012, we have Installed thousands solar power systems for residential and commercial customers throughout Queensland and NSW.

Our People.

Roy Baker, the owner of Sparky Solar is a CEC accredited solar designer and installer.

In 1984, Roy joined the Army as an Apprentice Electronics Technician.  He has been a self-employed qualified electrician for 25 years.

All installers are hand-picked by Roy to ensure customers only receive Systems of the highest standard.

The Sparky Solar Solution

The issue with solar sales companies.


Many people in the market for solar choose to buy from a solar sales company. The decision to buy is often based on price. The sales company subcontracts the installation to a third party  who install the panels.


Often, the system is an off-the-shelf solution and the customer is left disappointed with the performance and quality of their investment. 


After sales support can be non-existent as the sales company does not want to take responsibility for any issues. Blame is passed on to the installer, who directs all queries back to the sales company. The customer is stuck in the middle and needs to outsource another electrician to service their system.


Why is this the case?

Typically, sales companies promote and advertise their offerings based on price. They have salespeople paid on commissions, hence the pressure to buy now!

The sales companies provide the panels, inverter, racking and DC isolators in most cases. The installer only provides the cabling and labour to complete the job, often at very lean rates. Why would they provide any after sales back up? The installer has only put in what the sales company provided and in many cases the product is the cheapest they could get. This can lead to issues.

The reason for this model?

Sales companies are geared to buy the panels, inverters, etc. from wholesalers and importers, often on credit. They also claim back all the Government subsidies and arrange finance for the purchase, often using the marketing tag line “no interest ever”. Installers often work from their vans with very little overheads and very small profit margins.


Sounds like a great business model, if you are the sales company.


So why do so many sales companies go broke? Leaving Customers with no warranties and suppliers and installers out of pocket thousands of dollars due to unpaid accounts?

Poor financial management and trying to grow too big too quick has been the downfall for most. Every sales company wants to be the biggest in Australia. So they open offices in every state. They employ more lead generators and staff, lease more offices and warehouses and before you know it they have folded.

The Sparky Solar Solution


Sparky Solar provides Design and Sales services  for Local CEC accredited installers. We co-ordinate the design, installation , monitoring  and maintenance of your solar system. We ensure you are dealing with a local business that will always be there for you.

This Model does not require high paid salespeople or large warehouses and offices. Our operating costs are very low. We can offer you the best quality systems at the best prices.


We will include a Solar Smart Monitor with every install so we can monitor your system production and consumption. This guarantees maximum benefit for you for the life of the system and ensures you get a trustworthy experience.


The Process

The Sparky Solar Process is quick and efficient. You will be gaining the rewards of having a Solar System in 8 easy, no fuss steps.



Book a phone consultation to discuss your requirements and give some details around your energy consumption.


Installation Date

We obtain all equipment for the installation and schedule a date to complete the work (typically within 2-3 weeks from acceptance).



Design a system to suit your needs and send a preliminary quote subject to a site visit.



Installation typically only takes within 6-8 hours, we will explain how your system works and set up your monitoring


Site Visit

Upon confirmation, we will arrange a site visit to confirm your installation details. i.e inverter location and exact panel layout. We will also check your meter box and switchboard to ensure compliance with Energex regulations.


Join Network

After completion we submit an Electrical Work Request to your network and the retailer will arrange for your new Solar Meter to be installed. Typically this takes between 2-4 weeks.


Get Approvals

Once acceptance is signed and your deposit paid we will lodge and gain approvals with local authorities.



Once completed your system can be turned on and your savings will begin!

Great solar systems without the nonsense.

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ABN: 43 159 517 389

QLD Electrical Contractors Licence: 75017
Clean Energy Council Design & Install Accredited: A4039955